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Be careful when viewing links from other users

If someone asks you to go to another site that does not have "adultfeelingslink.com" in the url/web address, be very careful. Scammers operate sites that look a lot like adultfeelingslink.com, but are not. They often have forms where they attempt to get you to enter your email address and adultfeelingslink.com password, and sometimes even your credit card information. Be careful, and protect your personal information.

  • AdultFeelingsLink does not promote or endorse any sites other than those represented within AdultFeelingsLink and those that are promoted on the site itself. Avoid other sites that SEEM to be affiliated with AdultFeelingsLink (but are not); these sites should be considered suspicious. They could be an attempt to capture your information and hack your account, or to install malicious programs on your computer.

  • There are NO 'Free VIP/Trial Fling Memberships' available via any other website. This includes voting for models on other cam sites, and other similar scams. AdultFeelingsLink will NEVER ask you to go to another site and enter your username/email/password, or financial information.

  • If someone sends you a link online, be wary. Check the page carefully for typographical errors, and take a look at the URL to make sure it matches the adultfeelingslink.com site domain (AdultFeelingsLink's site have adultfeelingslink.com  web address). 

  • AdultFeelingsLink will never ask you to verify your credit card by typing it into a log-in or verification page, EVER.

  • Use a different password for each account you have. Many members use the same password for their email account and their AdultFeelingsLink log-in. This is not a safe practice, because if your account becomes compromised, the hacker will be able to read any emails sent to you by customer service to help you regain access.

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You should get password from the photo owner