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What are the Rules and Etiquette of video chat?
Video Chat is one of our most popular features, and the AdultFeelingsLink. Video Chat is a great way to make fast friends and leave a lasting impression, so be sure to observe AdultFeelingsLink's Video Chat etiquette:
  • DON'T SHOUT (also known as typing with the cap lock 'on').

  • Be Considerate

    Spend a few moments in a video chat room to get a feel for the mood and behavior of its users; sometimes the name of the room isn't self-explanatory, so pause briefly and check things out before you dive in with your own comments.
  • No 'Flooding'

  • Be Courteous

  • No Soliciting

  • No racist or derogatory comments.

  • No minors or underage users on cam.

  • No Whining (begging to see body parts or to see acts performed on cam).

  • No images or conversation referring to bestiality (sex with animals), incest, or sex with minors (even if you're talking about your past or your fantasies).

  • No impersonation of AdultfeelingsLink staff or of another member.

  • Streaming of material (movies, TV or pornography that was created by anyone other than you) is not allowed.

  • Avoid talking politics or religion.

And a good rule of thumb - If it's illegal, don't do it on AdultFeelingsLink!

You should get password from the photo owner