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A member asked me for money, what's up?
We take extreme measures to prevent internet scammers from signing on to this site. However, internet predators are insidious and are working constantly to gain footing on social networking sites like AdultFeelingsLink. Should someone ever ask you to send them money (by asking for help, offering sex for money, or for any other reason) please click the "report user" button on their profile page so that we can investigate them and remove them, should they be a scammer or prostitute.

Similarly, if someone asks you to go to another site that does not have "adultfeelingslink.com" in the address, be very careful. Scammers operate sites that look a lot like "adultfeelingslink.com", but are not. They often have forms where they attempt to get you to enter your email address and adultfeelingslink.com password, and sometimes even your credit card information. Be careful, and carefully protect your personal information. 

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service Department.

You should get password from the photo owner